Colombian artist Marta Visbal, is an architect  from Florida International University and  minors in  Visual Arts, Art History, and Certificate in Entertainments Marketing from the University of New York. She is currently based in Miami, and dedicated to the growth of her work in the professional field. Straight away, she was director of the art and reconciliation program for Accion Interna (Non Profit Organization, created for  the benefit of prison population in Colombia). Previously, she also worked as a teacher for children in the field of the arts. Won the third prize in the painting category, Wynwood Juried Show, spring edition 2017, jury: Dr. Milagros Bello. Her work belongs to international collections:  United States, Colombia and Panama.

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2008             Architecture. Florida International University. Miami, Florida.

2008             Entertainments Marketing. New York University. New York, New York.


2017             Third prize, painting category, Wynwood Juried Show, spring edition. Juror: Dr.
                      Milagros Bello. Miami, USA.                                  


2017          "And Now What" The White Pantry. Miami, USA.


2017          "States of Mind" Consulate General of Colombia in Miami. Miami, USA.

2017          "RE-WORKING" Curator's Voice Art Project. Miami, USA.

2017         "RE-VIEWS" Curator's Voice Art Projects. Miami, USA.

2017         "Wynwood Juried Show" Curator's Voice Art Projects, Miami, USA.

2016          Casa Grau Foundation.Bogotá, Colombia.

2009         General Consulate of Colombia. Miami, USA.

2009         "Cities" 69 Flexible Space. Bogota Colombia.

2008         Aquamarine. Key Biscayne. Miami Florida.

2007        Edge 46 Gallery. Miami Florida. 

2005        Compás Gallery. Bogotá, Colombia.

2004         “Descarga” Velvet. Bogotá, Colombia.


2016       "Spotlights" BARCU. Bogota, Colombia.