Colombian artist Martha Visbal recaptures the power of Modernist practices in contemporary art. Her paintings reexamine the notions of style and formalism in the best qualified sense. Her works show a strong pictorial stanza, and develop a pure lyrical abstraction. Waves on thin layers of paint subtly juxtaposed one on top of the other recreate illusory universes through which the viewer navigates. The spectator is submerged into a metaphysical experience of aesthetic associations, connecting to subliminal inner states of repose and calmness. A sense of a deep mystical resonance dominates. 

The space flourishes a rich combination of ambiguous transparencies intercrossed with straight lines, imposing a dynamic dialog between emotion and reason, sensitivity and logic. The artist proposes subjective elements, such as watery transparencies and diffused pastel colors that enhance a pure atmospheric perspective in the best tradition of the impressionistic methods. At the same time, she proposes forceful linear outlines that set up strong visual tensions in close correlation with geometric art languages.   The fluid misty pigments expand in multiple reverberations on a cloudy surface. The space becomes aerial, absent of matter, projecting an imaginary air and water, reminiscent of what Gaston Bachelard defined as the zone of material reveries.  Adding to this poetry of the immaterial, when she inserts and intersects rectilinear and zigzagged figures she redirects the composition towards a structural, architectonic set.  The canvas becomes a territory of visual opposites that harmonically coexist.

Visbal’s painting is a counter act of the intellect and its tactics, and of emotion and its inward realms. These two intermixed axes substantiate the artist’s signature and identity in which she embodies a formalist aesthetic aligned with Greenberg’s Modernist plastic art, and a structural matrix that dialogues with Wassily Kandinsky’s objective Bauhaus period. With a strong freedom of spirit, the artist sets out new parameters for a Neo-Lyric Abstraction.

In her painterly abstraction, the artist sets phenomenological expressions of the universe and existential and intangibles dimensions that celebrate the Ethos of Life. The paintings reflect bliss and joy.

These works strongly confirm the power of the emergent voices of a new generation of art in the USA, and in Latin American art of the 21st century. 

Marta Visbal lives and works in Miami, Florida.

Milagros Bello, Ph.D.

Curator – Art Critic

Member of the International Art Critics Association (AICA-PARIS)

Director and Chief Curator

Miami -Florida/USA


"Su obra se caracteriza por un punto en el que la luz y las sombras se mezclan, la simetría y las composiciones asimétricas interactúan y se produce una"armonía cromática". Sus pinturas son composiciones de imágenes creativas en constante movimiento; son la repetición de capas emocionales; es un estudio, una exploración y la experimentación de ciudades que caminan con sentimientos de pertenencia y realidades inversas.

 La paleta de colores que usa se define desde la emoción y desde una arquitectura móvil donde el azar estructura su proceso creativo y nos muestra unas composiciones en un universo irreal. Técnicas mixtas como collage, acrílico, grandes formatos en madera y lienzos irregulares son la base de su obra."

Lina Rojas
Gestora Cultural
Bogota, Colombia